Moulded holograms


Hard tool-steel surfaces are structured with a steel hologram pattern that is replicated into the surface of the product in mass production via injection molding or embossing. Different types of in-mold holograms are possible to use as brand protection technology. Moulded holograms provide authentication, track & trace, and brand differentiation, including complex images, and methods for covert verification.

3D coding


By surface structuring at the micron-level or laser coding inside materials, 3D security codes are created for product  authentication, to provide track & trace data, create verifiable product-package links, or provide other security functions. Minute variations in topology or changes inside materials can be used for recognition and 3D coding purposes.

Fast 3D scanning


Using ultra-fast pOCT scanning technology, 3D coding can be read at production speeds allowing manufacturers to use on-line scanning and verification. This also makes authentication at points along the supply chain fast and efficient. Applications include pharmaceutical track & trace to reduce errors, combat illegal reimports, and to support anti-counterfeiting.



The use of cryptography underpins our 3D coding and authentication technology allowing custom security solutions to be applied for different customers and in different manufacturing scenarios. Interfacing with current and future serialisation and track & trace systems is an important element of our authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions.

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