White Paper on Authentication of Pharmaceutical Tablets
Our tablet authentication solutions overcome the gap between true product authentication and tracking via logistics.
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True Authentication of Tablets 

Smart Phone and forensic level authentication of tablets in blister packs with no database access necessary, seamlessly linked to serialisation if required.

Our solution locks the product itself to the package creating an unbreakable link for authentication.

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Business Cases on Tracking, Tracing, and Authentication Systems to combat illicit trade and counterfeiting, May 2017.

This paper, a collaborative report contributed by the members of the Coalition Against Illicit Trade and based on desk field research, aims to present and analyse practical business cases in different manufacturing sectors and across the supply chain.



White paper on Enhancing Traceability to Combat Counterfeiting and Illicit Trade.
6th Dec 2016. nano4U participates in EurActiv panel discussion in Brussels. The White Paper focuses on "Governance and Data Management for Cross-Border Tracking, Tracing, and Authentication Systems to Combat Illicit Trade and Counterfeiting".
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    June 2016: nano4U joins Coalition Against Illicit Trade.

    The CAIT aims to foster enhanced co-operation among stakeholders, share best practice, and discuss practical     

    solutions to the problem of illicit trade.

Blister-pack steel hologram tooling application exhibited in Las Vegas, USA, in Sept 2015
Exert from 2015 trends report from LasVegas PHARMA EXPO, describing Romaco's application of blister pack holograms with nano4U.
(Note: PHARMA EXPO is a trademark of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI).
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Anti-Counterfeit Blister Packs : Romaco Group Press Release, June 2015
Press release from Romaco describing their application of nano4U steel hologram technology for stamping holograms onto blister packaging.
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April 2014: The Real Deal

Medical Plastics News Article about injection moulded hologram from steel mould ejector pin. Aug 11, 2014.

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31 March 2014: SAVEmed FP7 European project completed

nano4U concludes the co-ordination of the European collaborative project SAVEmed aimed at helping to prevent counterfeit medicines.

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