nano4U links physical properties of an authentic product to its package without any change to the product itself.

Most established authentication methods require physically adding something to the product, such as holograms or chemical markers. For mass-manufactured products this is usually expensive and often ineffective or inconvenient. For example, hologram stickers are not secure, and the use of taggants requires material changes and specialized reading equipment.

The occurrence of cross-border illicit trade and seizures of counterfeit goods by authorities continues to rise year on year. As a result authorities across the world have begun to require that individual products can be tracked through the supply chain by printing unique numbers on their packages (serialization). Although this helps manufacturers to know where their products are on a global scale, it does not provide authentication, i.e., there is no proof that the correct product is actually in the correct package.

nano4U has therefore focused on linking measured physical properties of authentic products to their package without any change to the product itself. At high production volumes the costs are therefore much lower than any competing solutions and the security is very high.  nano4u’s authentication solutions allow true authentication that can be seamlessly linked into serialisation if required.